Baby Products



✡Baby Oil is light , soothing formulating which nourishes , hydrated & moisturiser baby sensitive skin
, leaving it soft supply & smooth . It infusewith vitamin E & olive oilextracts .
✡Baby Soape infused with natural plant based ingradients which moisturize the skin rich cream and
leave skin soft and smooth .
✡Baby wash is ultra mild , soap free & aqua- based " tearfree" which prevent irritation on baby eyes
& skin .Enrich with milk cream Shea butter & " orange oil " known for its anti -bacterial properties .
✡Baby Shampoo enrich with natural plant-based essential oil of orange , soap free ultra mild Aqua
based tear-free formulation which does not irritate baby skin & eyes .
✡Baby lotionenrich with natural Milk cream & Shea butter that keep baby skin hydrates & nourishes
.it contains natural humectants like glycerin&is rich in anti- oxidants like vitamin E , natural oil keep
moisture into layers of  skin .
✡Baby cream contains plant based ingredients  like orange oil known for its anti-bacterial,
glycerine,  vitamin E
✡Baby Wipes have extra-thick and soft cloth with lotion , vitamin E & cooling aloe vera

softsens baby products inspired for MOM because only MOM knows which products are safe for
child. No-one can understand baby better then mother. When I become a mom every now and then
i use to thino what is good for my baby and what not. Which products should I use and better for its now softsens are committed to provide SAFE , EFFECTIVE , DESIRABLE & SUSTAINABLE
baby products. It is simply said ! Everyone knows that MOM have the sixth sense to understand her
baby in any circumstances . Mom knows all the gesture that her baby cry , laugh , want to eat or
sleep etc......
So softsens Baby Range "Inspired by Moms , Developed by Experts"
Softsens have wide range of Baby Bath & Skin Care that are....
✔ 100% safe for baby.
✔ Tested in Europe and on par with international standadds of safety.
✔ Contains pure and natural plant- based ingredients and essential oils.
✔ Free of Paraben and harmful chemicals.
✔ Never tested on animals.
✔ Biodegrable.
✔ Hypollergenic.


Baby Powder helps absorb excess moistere and keep baby skin dry and smooth. It contain natural plant -base ingrediants which have antiseptic properties that protects the delicate skin from prickly heat and makeing baby feel COOL, COMFERTABLE AND HAPPY.

@softsens Do note that softsens also recommends Paediatrist guidance and prescriptions before using their products. We do write for you the matters for the ease and not for any misuses. So Safely Safe your littles HEARTS ....


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