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Supplements make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and can even give you an advantage and enhance your training when taken right and combined with a good diet. Nutritional supplements are increasingly important. The way food is processed today means that it virtually impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs from food alone. A good multiple vitamin and mineral formula with extra calcium is recommended to guard against nutritional deficiencies.


What is collagen  and what does it do ?
Collagen is an important protein that can be found throughout your body. In fact, it is found in all the connective tissues in your body ranging from your skin and bones, all the way down to your organs and blood vessels.Collagen functions several different ways in your body.
What does collagen do ?
It helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, the “glue” that helps hold the body together. Our body collagen production naturally begins to slow down as it helps
give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, the “glue” hat helps hold the body together. Our body collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age.

SKIN :-  Collagen is essential for the health and appearance of your skin, and this protein is also necessary to reduce the typical signs of aging. Collagen is an important building block for elasticity, and its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . Increase in water absorbing capacity of strataum corneum . It improves the skin smoothness , Reduction of fine lines & deep wrinkles , Reduction of UV induced damage and viscoelastic .
HAIR :- Collagen greatly helps in hair growth and hair regeneration. It possesses anti-oxidant properties and fights the production of free radicals in the body. Naturally produced in the body free radicals are a result of the body’s
different metabolic processes and they are responsible for damaging the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. But having a sufficient amount of collagen in the hair shaft, strengthens the hair follicles and improves hair growth. Eating collagen for hair growth can also improve the overall volume of your hair by increasing the diameter of each individual hair, thereby giving your flow a fuller appearance.

BONES :- Collagen is the protein peptide that gives bone a framework for strength and flexibility and makes bones hard and strong. Collagen has numerous beneficial effects to help maintain bone health and restore bone mineral density in order to prevent the risk of osteoporosis, preserve bone health and contribute to improved quality of life as we age.
Collagen provides multiple benefits to enhance bone health by: Restoring bone mineral density and stimulating bone formation . Increasing bone strength and decreasing the risk of fracture .
JOINTS :- Collagen is motion and elasticity. It is in every joint of your body, providing the padding and support for all movement and activity. Without collagen, your bones would grind against each other, which is how you may feel sometimes. This is because as your body ages, your collagen breaks down and wears away, causing joint pain
and stiffness. Collagen Complete also contains numerous synergistic ingredient and for skin, hair and joints.
NAILS :- Another possible benefit of collagen is to make nails less brittl so that they do not break as easily , Reduces nail brittleness , Strengthens nail and Fosters growth .
EYES :- Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that maintains the structure, smoothness and elasticity of your skin. ... This decrease in collagen production can also cause wrinkles and baggy eyes. It is vital to find ways to help boost the production of this protein to keep the skin under your eyes looking healthy and smooth.
IMMUNITY :- It improves the immunological of humans & perks up the number of T – Lymphocytes .
MUSCLES and TISSUE :- Collagen pure and cleans protein. It’s a prefect workout supplement that nourishes your muscles and promotes skin glow to make them more visible. It assists in healing and recovery & thickens the Achilles.

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●Wants a quick boost of health in their daily lifestyle.
●Want to add beauty in the life.
●Want to keep moisturized skin that glow and look rich.
●Can exercise and want a supplement to strengthen joints.
●Do not consume enough protein through their regular diet or want to increase their intake to
  improve their health and appearance.
●Are concerned about lifestyle imbalances and want to enrich their diet with a simple but effective

●Are interested in losing weight.
●Have an important meeting , interviews , event ,date, wedding eta and want to increase their
  confident by looking lighter and brighter on the big day.

Expert BELIVE that it takes the human body about 12 weeks for cellular regeneration and this, the result of INJA Life can be best experienced after regular consumption for period of 3 months. However, it has also been observed that consumers have benefited from initial result during the first three week of daily intake . Consistency is required to maintain the result .
Put 1 sachet of INJA Life collagen in a glass, pour about 100ml water, stir well & consume immediately . You may also consume INJA Life collagen by mixing it in tea, coffee, juice, yogurt, smoothie or any other good product.

●Dietary supplement RECOMMENDED for age 15 years and above. Not for Medicinal Use .
●Consumers with allergic reactions, existing medical conditions & pregnant women should consult
   a physician or medical professional before use.
●The benefits experiences by the consumption of INJA Life may differ person to person .
   The statements mentioned herein have nor been evaluated by the Food and Drug
   Administration . This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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