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Since I am very addicted to tea . Tea is my weakness as I wake up early in the morning first want hot cup of tea. It refreshes my mood and start my day with full energy . Now a days every one have caught attention of both environmentalists & goodies. But if you have to latch on to this trend, but you may be wondering: What the big deal? If possible just turn out to organic products and you can have a huge impact on your health .

First BUD ORGANIC tea are unique blend of natural ingredients which are made :-
✔Have fine quality taste & ethnicity
✔Grown naturally
✔Free from harmful chemicals
✔Provide natural & high quality
✔Symbolise the purity of Himalayas

Tulsi has been used in ayurvedic medicines as an adpathogenic herb to improve the body’s ability to cope with stress and disease . It is to treat common health problems . FIRST BUD ORGANICS have introduce many product in market but I have tried Tulsi Green tea is rich in antioxidants which is blend with whole leaves & Tulsi. It is highly divine and medicinal aromatic  herbs and is used in ayurvedic medicines for more then 3000years .




FIRST BUD ORGANICS premium slim bud Green Bud Green tea is a popular beverages consumed worldwide . Instead of putting yourself through the latest intense , short lived detox or liver cleanse , simply enjoy a cup of first bud organic Tea every day and your detox system will do the rest . First Bud organic tea is blend with Garcinia Cambogia , Cinnamon , Ginger & lemongrass provide instant refreshment & relaxation..

So I start my day with FIRST BUD ORGANIC AND END my day with a cup of green tea and it helps me in detoxification....of my body.

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