🏃‍♂️Ready to empower, motivate, excite and inspire? So let’s support kids juniorthon organised by @mumbai_juniorthon in mumbai at BKC on 23rd December 2018. 💖I am so happy that have send me an exclusive invite to be part of🏃‍♂️ juniorthon and have send me exciting healthy goodies from MJ which has @immunoboosters and @soulfullfood for under 15 kids marathon so let’s join the mission with🏃‍♂️ @mumbai_juniorthon and register for run and support underprivileged kids. So Getting involved is as easy as lacying up your shoes for juniorthon. After those Diwali treat now it’s time to focus on junior fitness to burn those extra calories and join the largest under 15 kids run and best part is they have different groups for all age so that every single kid can participate in run.🏃‍♂️ @mumbai_juniorthon moto is to encourage physical activity for kids that is outdoor activities because now a days kids are overstress with there studies or even when they get some time to play, Instead of playing outdoor they choose gadgets. So to motivate and improve there lifestyle and leave the gadget addiction and focus on physical activities and be fit like mommy. 
Because mother play an important role in kid life . So participate in this🏃‍♂️ juniorthon by @mumbai_juniorthon and spread the fitness rage amongst kids! HEALTHY FAMILY = HAPPY FAMILY.
To participate and get register and be the part of @mumbai_juniorthon for kids . Link in bio. 

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