Breath’in Acceptance..!! – Do you know that these words are so magical, that they have the potential to give your life a now perspective. But before we start fantasizing about its impact, we should be aware that as much as common it is to tell someone to ‘Breath’, it is more difficult for us to even conceive it’s gravity. At a personal level we are always groomed from the very beginning about the do’s and dont’s, but throughout the passage of our existence we tend to forget that we are the center of that magic. The most amazing gift that God has bestowed upon us even without asking for it, is itself a miracle. Human tendency exhibits many shades of behaviour that we cannot control and many a times in-spite of being aware about those feelings they remain untouched in some corner of our mind. By emphasizing ‘untouched’ it shouldn’t be misunderstood that we are not able to experience it, but our state of receptiveness is so poor that we are not able to get to the depth of it. Just experiencing these shades is not enough, ACCEPTANCE is the key. Merely by encountering them we keep on wandering about the solution, whether it be happiness, sadness or anxiety. If we are happy we find more reasons to be happy and in turn we leave ourselves disappointed, if we are sad we try very hard to find happiness and if we are anxious then there is a hurricane of those feelings that we may have never felt before. But the very crux of all this is ‘acceptance’. Yes, Just accept and breath. It may seem stormy and scary, while you may contemplate that it may plan to disrupt your life, but you never know, it would be just a passing cloud. All you have to do is embrace it and in the process let the roots of your calmness get a grip on your mind. Thats where the miracle lies. Why is it so difficult for us to accept the very state we are in.?. Why do we undermine ourselves to the extent that we are completly hopeless.?. Feel your breathing. Breath in and ‘let go’. Your inhalation and exhalation is itself the source of all the calmness that one needs to face things with a steady mind. Make the roots of your acceptance so strong that when the winds of time reach you, all you would have to do is ‘breath’.

blog written by Dhwani Bhatt

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