Happy Planet Play Park

⚽️Alloy ! Fun park….. The best way to get your kids and teens away from technology and get back to some real fun and adventure. A fun place for kids. It is place to visit with your kids . @happyplanetplaypark geared🧗‍♀️ towards young children and the kids rides on the whole 🤸‍♂️ . 💖The place is amazing and kids will have a blast and enjoy Indore adventure in air , ball house , rock climbing , slides trampoline, shoot the ball, sand play and so on .🤾‍♀️ @happyplanetplaypark is Nice Indore adventure zone and kids enjoy lot here . The play structure mats and place is very neat, clean and safe . Staff is very friendly and helpful. @happyplanetplayparkis a good place for physical and mental exercises just can’t image how much 🎭fun kids would have in this Indore adventure park. It’s a great option for kids and a great area to take break in the mall for kids to play and enjoy and have fun . 🤾‍♂️🤸‍♂️ . ❣Definitely call for a second visit instead of wasting time and money in the mall .Keep it up guys had a great time and personally its a complete adventure for kids to play. Thank you @happyplanetplaypark for this amazing adventure zone. 🤠

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